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An interview with Marisa from Marisa and the Moths.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us here at All That’s Noize in these strange and troubled times. How are you and how have you been coping?
'We have been good thanks! It’s been a very strange time indeed but we have been trying to make the most of a bad situation! We have been doing Saturday night live streams which have gotten progressively better, also started writing new material which is fun!'


Ok, to begin at the beginning, how did the band get together?
'So at the very beginning, I had a bunch of songs and no band. After trying and not finding the right band members yet, I decided not to wait for them and got the funds together to record the songs - which is how I met Jason, as he is our producer!
At the time I asked my Liam and Jason to come in and play bass and drums for me as a favour, but whilst we were in the studio we really bonded and saw the songs come to life. It was a really magical time. Liam and Jason both agreed to be part of the band by the end of it.
Sophie also came in to do a guest solo on our song ”69” during the session. The reason this happened is because Jason had recorded her solo songs a few weeks prior to our session, so he suggested asking her.  We all got on like a house on fire so I invited her to come and audition a few weeks after the studio session ended, but there was no competition! And so she joined the band.
Chris joining felt a bit more like fate. When we decided that an additional guitarist was a good idea, we were talking about who to get in. We were on our way to Winter Wonderland for our first ever band day out and it was actually snowing heavily (which as most people know, is fairly unusual in the UK). I was pushing Jason to consider Chris, an old friend of mine, to join. Whilst we were discussing it, we just so happened to walk into a pub where he was sat! None of us had ever been there before and so we couldn’t believe the odds of that happening - very freaky! We then invited him in for an audition. He fit in perfectly and that was that.
Probably the longest “how a band got together” story ever - haha! Believe it or not, this is still the short version.'


Do you all have similar musical tastes and influences and is it a combination of those influences that created the Marisa and the Moths sound?
'Our musical influences are quite varied and different to be honest, but all like grunge. I guess our different tastes help to bring different things to our music and helps to make it more unique.'


Why the name Marisa and the Moths?
'It was a happy accident that seemed to make sense to me! We had a band meeting to discuss band names and Liam said something that sounded like “Marisa And The Moths”. I fell in love with it immediately. It made sense to me because moths are both delicate and come out in the darkness of night, which represents how our music can be both heavy sounding, but it can also be stripped down to fragile-sounding vocals.
But also, moths are attracted to light, right? And I kind of feel like the way the band was created, with me pushing to record the songs with no band which then effectively led to the band being created, kind of feels like by me deciding to believe in my music and just go for it, it then made the others believe in it too. If that makes any sense? Haha!'


You’ve gained a really impressive fan base in a relatively short space of time, this must be really pleasing?
'I LOVE our fans. I can’t express how grateful I am for all of them. I am convinced that we have the kindest, most genuine fans on Earth! I don’t know what we did to deserve them, but I love them! LOVE THEM!'


You’re also getting a lot of recognition and a great deal of acclaim for both your debut album and your live performances, again this must be really pleasing?
''Thank you so much! This is SUPER pleasing! We never expected such an amazing response. It was such a long journey to get this album out, like most people will never know, but we did not settle for less than what we thought was our best efforts, so I’m glad people like it so much!
And when we perform, we give it our all every time because we love performing together and we really believe in the songs and their meanings. But also, there’s nothing better than sharing that moment and rocking out with your fans! WE LOVE IT!'


Speaking of your debut album, we absolutely love it here at All That’s Noize, can you tell us all about it?
'Aww, thanks so much! That’s awesome! :-) Well, the songs on the album have a mixture of meanings. They’re all about genuine experiences in my life. I won’t bore you with the full stories for each, but the topics they cover are everything from mental health struggles, to heartbreak, to empowerment and even my experiences of bad sex! I wear my heart on my sleeve and am unforgivably honest in all senses so I couldn’t write a song that wasn’t real to me. I hope that comes through in the music, but I also hope that people can take from them what they need.'


Before this lockdown started you were doing some awesome gigs, you must really miss playing live?
'We miss playing live SO badly. We miss seeing fans at shows too! But we are really grateful that we have been able to do our Saturday night live streams in the meantime. It’s kept us sane whilst we are waiting for venues to open and normality to return!'


You’ve been doing weekly live streams since this lockdown began, how have they been going?
'They have been going really well thank you! We have learnt SO many cover songs (many of those were requests from fans) and also performed our original songs in a few different ways. It’s only been me, Liam and Jason because we live together, but people don’t seem to mind! A lot of fans have messaged us saying how it’s been a really uplifting event for them to look forward to during the lockdown, which is really nice. We’re just glad that we can stay connected to everyone somehow!'


Hopefully live music will be starting again as soon as it’s safe to do so and we see you’ve got quite a comprehensive tour lined up for the end of September and practically all of October, with so many dates this must’ve taken quite a lot of planning?
'The tour did take a lot of planning! They are actually all the rescheduled dates that I had booked us for March-April! But obviously due to lockdown, we had to move them! Still hoping to get some more booked in, but waiting off until we know how lockdown will look by then! Fingers crossed!'


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Describe a typical Marisa and the Moths live experience?
'Lots of headbanging and hugging! :We have a lot of energy on stage, but we also love hanging out with fans after shows and taking pictures and things.'


When the festival season starts again next year, what festivals would you ideally like to play?
'Download! And any other festival that will have us!'


What would you say has been the highlight of the band’s short career so far?
'We have had quite a few highlights to be honest! Getting played on Kerrang! radio. Getting featured in Kerrang! and Classic Rock magazine. Winning album of the year on Female fronted rock and metal. Releasing our first CD. Releasing our first vinyl. Releasing our music videos. Tour! We are grateful for it all!'


What does the future hold for Marisa and the Moths?
'The next album. More music videos. Hopefully a world tour - haha! We’re aiming for the stars!;

Finally, is there anything you would like to add?
'Thank you so much for having us. And thank you to every one of our fans, friends and family members for your love and support! We love you all and couldn’t do this without you! Can’t wait to see what comes next!'