An interview with Mr Peach from Lesbian Bed Death

Thank you for talking to us here at All That’s Noize. We’re loving the new album and the concept behind it, can you tell us all about it?

'I’m a huge Horror fan, and most of my favourite movies when I was a kid had amazing soundtracks. These heavily influenced the band in terms of writing and imagery, especially The Return of the Living Dead, The Lost Boys, and the original Fright Night.

I’ve wanted to cover some of these songs for a very long time, but it was a project that always ended up on the back-burner. I’m pleased that I finally got my way and I have now been able to strike it off my bucket list.'

Awesome title, how did you come up with it?

'The album was originally going to be called ‘Video Nasty’. The title track was written and recorded for the movie ‘Clownface’. This was before we tackled any of the covers. We had a change of lead singer, so it would have been weird having that song on there with a different vocalist to the rest of the album. I needed a new title and ‘Born To Die On VHS’ popped into my head.'


It must’ve been really hard deciding which tracks to record and put on the album?

'There were a handful that were absolutely essential, and loads more that I really wanted to do. I could have filled a triple album if I could have gotten away with it. Having Luci4 re-join the band made the selection even harder because she’s such a great singer, she can take on any of these songs and make them her own. I’m happy with the final choices, but it would be nice to do ‘Born To Die On VHS 2’ one day. Hopefully there’ll be the demand for it.'

Were there any tracks you considered recording for it but that didn’t make the final cut?

 'There were a couple where I wanted certain special guests as I thought their voices would have worked perfectly on our versions. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen this time. Those were Shocker by the super-group Dudes of Wrath, and Tonight (We Make Love Until We Die) by SSQ which is from The Return of the Living Dead.

In addition, others that very nearly happened were Lamont’s Flesh to Flesh from Return of the Living Dead 2, Shayna Zaid’s Among The Dead from Flight of the Living Dead, and Iggy Pop’s Why Was I Born? From Freddy’s Dead.'

What made you get the album remixed and remastered?

'Our new producer Steve Lethal offered to do it because he wanted the practice. I’m not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I agreed. I knew it would be good, but I wasn’t prepared for just how good this new version would be. I can’t wait to work with Steve on our next album now.'


The new remixed/remastered version is download/stream only, where can people listen/download?

'The new version has replaced the old one on all platforms including Spotify and YouTube. You can download it from our BandCamp page. In fact, anyone who buys the original CD from BandCamp gets the new digital version thrown in.'

Any plans for a physical release?

'No. I still have copies of the original version to shift as it only came out last September. I’d also have to pay for another licence to press more CDs.

I am giving away a digital copy of the new version to anyone who has bought the original, whether from Amazon, at a gig, or wherever. All they have to do is contact us via our social media and I’ll send them a link. I don’t think it’s fair to charge people twice for the same album, and I thought it would be a nice gift for everyone during this Coronavirus lockdown.'

The album also sees the warm welcome back of original singer Luci4, how did that come about?

'We went through a period of instability and our previous singer wasn’t a good fit for us. Sometimes things just don’t work out chemistry-wise. Out of all of the singers we’ve had, Luci4 ‘got’ the band. She used to love LBD, and I missed that passion. I didn’t want a singer who was there for her own agenda or whatever, I wanted someone who was genuinely into what we were doing. It made sense to contact her and to see if we could work things out.

I hadn’t spoken to Luci4 in nine years and none of the numbers I had for her worked anymore. I went on google maps and worked out what her old address was, and sent her a post card. I had no idea if she still lived there or if she’d ever get it. Fortunately, she did and she got in touch straight away.'


And is this now a settled line up?

'I hope so. I’ve been fed up with line-up changes, and I’m sure many of our fans feel the same way. At the moment, everything seems too good to be true. Seriously though, we’re getting on great.'

How do you think the band and music industry in general have changed since your debut release in 2006?

 'I could probably write a dissertation on this topic. When we started, Myspace was king. YouTube came along later which was a massive game-changer for us, as we were early users, and our Horror based music videos helped us to reach a lot of new people.

The rise of social media, especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have drastically changed how artists interact with fans, how people find out about bands, and also how we can now access music in our homes in seconds. Then there’s Spotify which has changed so much by itself, almost killing digital downloads overnight.

To cut a massive story short, the vast majority of people stream their music now, and only a small percentage still buy and collect physical media. However, one CD sale is worth approximately one thousand two hundred and fifty streams, so we still rely on CD sales to fund music videos etc. Artists have always been screwed by record labels, and now Spotify and Amazon have stocked-up on lube too.

Oh, and one good thing is that the mainstream magazines don’t have anything like as much power as they used too. Thanks to YouTube etc they can’t make or break bands anymore, as we don’t rely on their reviews to tell us whether or not an album is worth getting.'



And have you seen a big change in your fan base over the 14 years?

'The band has certainly become more popular over the years. We’re very lucky to have such a loyal fan-base, and have so many people who were there at the beginning still buy our records and come to the shows. We must be doing something right.'

Its obviously a bad time to be talking about live music with the current lock down and health concerns over Covid 19, but once it is save to do so do you plan to start gigging regularly again?

 'Hopefully we will. I’m planning to get us out there as soon as it’s safe to do so. I’m also keen to get us back to main-land Europe. I’m planning to improve our stage show and make our gigs more of an event.'


What does the future hold for Lesbian Bed Death?

'I still want to shoot a music video for the song ‘Flesh’ from the current album. Aside from that, we’re working on a brand-new album. What we have is shaping up to be the best material we’ve ever released. I know every band says that, but I genuinely believe it. Hopefully, we’ll have something brand new out by Halloween, even if it’s just a single.'


Thanks again for taking the time to talk to us. Finally, is there anything you would like to add?

'I’d just like to thank everyone out there who supports us. As long as people keep buying our records and coming to our shows, we’ll keep on doing what we do. I strongly believe that the best is yet to come, and I’m excited to share it with you.'