I've been following this locally based Nottingham band for a few years now and it's great seeing them grow from strength to strength. This latest single highlights just how far they've come along and come together as a band in a relatively short space of time. Babe Punch ooze attitude and authenticity and this single highlights the bands energetic live sound perfectly. Babe Punch really do have the potential to go all the way to the top and this single will definitely help them on their way. A fiery modern day punk sound with a post punk undertone this single is packed with attitude and energy, Babe Punch are definitely a band to keep a close eye on. 


Since Weekend Recovery went to a 3 piece band and had a slight and subtle change in musical direction they really have found their niche. With a slightly more indie sound from their more rockier roots this single really does highlight just how far they have come musically, and Lori's voice is an absolute perfect match to their new found sound and direction. This single is oozing the confidence the band is feeling right now and is quite rightly gaining airplay on national radio. An excellently written and presented track that could and should catapult the band to the next level.