'BORN TO DIE ON VHS' (Remixed Album)

(Psychophonic Records)

Newly remixed and remastered version of the bands original September 2019 release which saw the welcome return of original vocalist Luci4. The album consists mainly of cover versions from the bands favourite 80's horror films as well as 3 original recordings including the albums title track. Born To Die On VHS.

The album is a really well put together concept in a really cool way and the songs are all in the spirit of the bands trademark gothic-tinged rock style. If you're already a fan of the band then you will absolutely love this album, and if you're new to them you'll realise what you've been missing for the last 14 years or so.

Although most of the songs are cover versions they are all done in the bands own way and all delivered with the energy and passion that you'd expect from such an established and experienced band.

A lot of love has been put in to this album and that is clearly evident throughout the whole experience. 

This remixed and remastered version of the album is a free download to everyone who bought the original CD or the band have very kindly put it up for free streaming on YouTube.




(Sunny Bastard Records)

I was fortunate enough to work with this band a couple of years ago as their UK booking agent so I know just how genuine and passionate they are about their music and that really shines through in their latest release, which in my opinion is their best album and best work to date.

Excellent musicianship which is topped equally in it's power with Shakey Sue's mightily compelling and distinctive vocals give a compelling and energetic full on in-your-face album which is a far cry from the bands more psychobilly sounding debut a good few years back.

The band are clearly very comfortable with the natural progression that they have made over the years as this album is absolutely stunning and they have clearly found the exact sound and direction that they want in their development.

Extremely professionally put together, this album is powerful, ferocious and full on, and is a must for your collection,

Don't let this album pass you by.

Available on CD, vinyl direct from the bands online shop at or you can stream/download.from your preferred stream/download sites.




(Nursery of Noise Music)

Really well played traditional punk sound with some excellent guitar licks, The Lengthmen deliver a very listenable album with Resistant Materials.

The short catchy songs will have you tapping your feet and singing along in no time as the album makes you feel very comfortable in what you're hearing.

The album offers a lot of variety in it's tracks but at the same time never loses it's old school traditional punk sound edge which is evidently at the root of the bands sound and attitude.

The Lengthmen are a very entertaining and energetic live band and they've managed to capture that energy on this recording.

The stand out track for me is probably 'Three Days Dry', a real party anthem which sums up the whole album as The Lengthmen give us an album in exactly the way they want to, wearing their hearts on their sleeves and playing and singing their hearts out to deliver an album full of catchy tunes and singalong tracks.

All enquiries about the album are through the bands facebook page at




(Glasstone Records UK)

This excellently crafted and executed album flows effortlessly from start to finish. The post-punk sound with more poppy undertones make this a truly excellent album that really stands out. A highly original mix of distinctive musicianship topped with even more distinctive vocals make this album a 'must hear' for those who like their music a little different. The production is clean and crisp which compliments the noisy music and gritty vocals a very satisfying and dynamic balance to this gem of a recording.

It's obvious from the get go just how much work has been put into this recording and the rewards for that work are evident throughout the entire album. All the songs are written by Eryx proving just how talented and gifted the singer/songwriter is as the whole album is flawless in its delivery.

A hugely impressive and highly original sounding album that we strongly recommend you give a listen to.

Available to buy from Amazon and stream/download from your preferred stream/download sites.